Why Do Tires Matter?

Tires are usually taken for granted.
Until the road puts them to the test.

It's the tires that stop the car.

When it comes to safety, tires are the most important component on your vehicle.

The brakes stop the wheels, not your car! It's actually your tires that stop it.

Let's take a closer look:

Here, rubber meets the road:

The contact area is the size of the palm of your hand.

And this is all where it happens:
Breaking, Traction, Handling, Steering, Comfort
On such small area, a failure at high speed could have serious consequences.

Your safety also depends on you.

You took time to choose your car.
Taking time to choose your tire is just as important.

We can all recall stressful situations where our tires made the difference:
think of that bike that came from nowhere,

That driver in front of you suddenly braking,
that dog crossing the street (small illustration),

This difficult journey under a wall of rain.
Your safety does not just depend on the way that you or others are driving.

It depends equally on your choice of tires.
For your peace of mind (and your family’s...), take the time to choose well!

But how do I choose the right tire?

To help you compare and choose, look at 4 different aspects:

1. Safety

Most tires perform well in everyday situations, but difficult conditions will reveal their differences.
So how do you make sure that your tires are ready for the unexpected?

Choose tires that can perform well in the worst types of weather or roads that you may encounter.

And the difference can be huge:

On wet roads, our tires can stop up to 6 meters shorter than another premium tire brand on the exact same car.That is almost the distance of 1 and a half cars!

Based on internal wet braking test results of MICHELIN Primacy 3ST and Bridgestone Ecopia EP100a Touring tire size 205/55R16

Not all tires are equal – choosing the right ones can keep you safe.

2. Value


Making a compromise now could mean spending more later.
Because tires that last longer and help you to save fuel allow you to save in the long run.
Get more efficient tires now, replace them much later! (And forget about shopping for tires for a while)

3. Enjoy the ride

Like a shoe, a tire needs to fit you perfectly.

1- Take any car
2- Try a different set of tires

You end up with an entirely different driving experience.

So, do you like a comfortable drive or precision handling to take that corner like a pro?

Make sure that your tire reflects your style.

4. Sports Car?

A sprinter doesn’t want to run in slippers.
Neither does your car.
A sport or luxury car won’t feel like one unless the tires can translate its power to the road.

All in one

Thanks to the MICHELIN Total Performance touch, you can rest assured that you get all of these in each of our tires.

Keep your tires safe

Most of us have notions of safe driving.
But what about keeping tires safe?
A few simple things can help to avoid unfortunate experiences.

It will help to me save

It ensures your safety

Air Pressure: what should I know?

Nitrogen: what are the benefits?

A safer ride

A few good things to be reminded of…
and maybe even a few tips that you didn’t know about!

Safe driving

Safe driving on the motorway

Safe driving at night

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