Michelin Energy XM2



    Passenger Car

  • Summer

Longer lasting tires with fuel saving and maximise safety for your daily use

Why is this the right tire for me?

  • More Mileage

    More Mileage

    20% more mileage  compared to leading competitors 

    Thanks to “Alternating Bridging” Technology
    Alternating Bridging reinforces the rigidity of tread blocks. With rigidity enhanced, the tread blocks move less freely, reducing the rate of tire wear.

     Sipes with Alternating Bridge
     - This “Bridge” connection between tread blocks limits their flexibility, preventing rapid tire wear without compromising on wet grip.

    Normal tire with full depth sipes

    - Traditional full depth sipes allow tread blocks to move around more freely, causing a faster tire wear.

  • More Fuel Saving

  • Maximum Safety

  • Total Performance

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