Michelin Primacy 3ST



    Passenger Car

  • Summer

Safe & peaceful drive with a tire that keep noise out and comfort in

Why is this the right tire for me?

  • A Class Leading Quiet Ride

    A Class Leading Quiet Ride

    8% quieter than average of competitors 1

    EvenPeak Technology

    Gives you a ride 8% quieter than average of competitors*

    With greater variation in the size and position of the tread blocks, the noise power is spread across a wider frequency range, making no peaks of noise power. Thus, your ride is more peaceful

    CushionGuard Technology

    Keeps the ride smooth, steady and comfortable.

    Cushion vibrations when the tread blocks contact the road surface using supple FlexMax compounds

    Absorbs bumps in the road using shock absorbent sidewalls.

  • Maximum Safety

  • Lasts Longer

  • Total Performance

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