125 years of improving mobility

It takes deep knowledge of tires and leading tire technologies to combine conflicting performance characteristics successfully: our know-how works to your advantage.

Innovation is second nature to us

It infuses each step of the complex tire-making process:

- While preparing the basic components, we are not content with only using pre-existing materials, we develop our own;
- To make and test tires, we often build our own machines.

We see each step as an opportunity to give you better tires.
And we don’t miss one.

They just kept getting better

By focusing on finding new solutions for your driving needs, our technologies and innovations have profoundly shaped past and present tires. Today, we continue our commitment to imagine the future of mobility.



R&D is in our DNA

Our first scientist was hired in 1893. The impact was so great that from that point, we knew that Research and Development would be key to the evolution of the modern tire.
Today, 6,600 R&D people strive so that your changing mobility needs are always met, researching chemistry, physics, new technologies and testing prototypes. Our hubs are located on three continents and in seven countries: China, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and the United States.

Our commitment in a few numbers:

Different fields of expertise involved
(collaborative thinking sparks innovative ideas)

Active patents that protect
our innovations

Patents submitted each year.

Times per year that we circle
the earth through our road and machine
tests – that’s once every 12 minutes!

A lab on the track, a lab on fast forward

Motorsports is driving’s toughest innovation lab, and we’ve been experimenting in it for over a century.

The pressure is high.
For each race, we need to deliver performance characteristics adapted to each racing partner and for different racing conditions.
Afterwards, we examine how our findings could benefit more people.
So you can be sure that if it can handle the racing circuit, it will handle your drive.

Our Le Mans Lab:

  • 90
    Years of experience

  • 23
    Wins of the 24 hours of Le Mans

  • 17
    Consecutive wins

Our World Rally Lab:

  • 40
    Years of experience

  • 21
    World Rally
    Championships driver

  • 23
    World Rally Championships car
    Manufacturer titles

Our Formula E Lab:

Starting in 2014, the new Formula E for electric cars will challenge us in developing top-level racing tires for this new breed of cars.

Our high performance tires come from innovations developed in our Motorsports lab.

  • Michelin


    Born from endurance racing, MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport gives you the exhilaration of driving the best performing street tire in the world.

  • Michelin


    Developed to meet the needs of top car manufacturers. This tire is original equipment on specialty performance vehicles such as the Porsche GT3 RS, BMW M3 and Dodge Viper ACR.

  • Michelin


    Ultra high-performance SUV and Crossover tire that offers sport performance capabilities via excellent dry grip.